The Jolly Dolphin

I didn’t know who these people were, where they came from, or how I managed to miss them my entire life.  I found them while researching other businesses in Seaford.  I see this restaurant pointed out on the map and I’m so thrilled! Yay! A restaurant in my backyard (just about)!  Yay!

But as I investigate further, I have no idea what they are!  They have a theme song; 1965’s “Wooly Bully” performed by Sam the Sham and the Pharaoh’s,  and they use a cute intro to most of their videos with that song playing and dance scenes from their patrons and friends.  Their humour is great!

So, to get more insight into these Abby Normals… and if for nothing else, just to have a little fun…check out their videos on Youtube. You will find a reason to smile and maybe even be jolly with the dolphin.  My personal favourite:  Click Here

I sure hope they stick around.  And if they ARE a restaurant… I’m ready to not socially distance my way there and soon.  ?


So… I made a couple of items for these fabulous businessmen who love having fun.  I took it to them and the warm and inviting reception was just overwhelming.  These guys (and their wives) are beautiful people.  I sat and talked with them for a while… was given the tastiest pieces of grilled sausage and onions and we even had our pictures taken.  I am so glad I met them… Just another Great Saturday in Seaford.

Then they invited my husband and me over for one of their JASS garage get-togethers… they do good in that department.  Daniel mostly does all the cooking, Stewart does the grill.  They love to have fun and they are damned good at it!  Their major claim to fame is their fishing and winch surfing.  You’ll have to see their videos to understand.  But fishing is their main love…and they do that very well.  I love them all.  So happy to have met them.